Energy Work in Brevard, North Carolina

Schedule an energy medicine session at Blue Ridge Comforts in Brevard, North Carolina. Learn more about our services, which include Reiki, esoteric healing and other modalities.

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Skin Care at Blue Ridge Comforts Coming to Brevard, NC

Skin Care at Blue Ridge Comforts will open in Brevard, North Carolina, in May of 2012. Schedule a custom facial with Janet, a licensed skin care therapist and massage therapist (NC LMBT #9097) or choose another spa service from our menu. Body wraps and waxing are included. Watch for special offers during our grand opening month.

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Would a Clarisonic Brush Help Improve Your Skin?

The popularity of Clarisonic skin care brushes has increased dramatically in just the past year, and with good reason — these unique brushes work. My Clarisonic review might help you determine if one of the company’s brushes would be a good addition to your own skin care regimen.


A 1-Minute-FaceLift Routine that Truly Helps Your Skin

One Minute Face Lift System

One Minute Face Lift

I’m an esthetician and massage therapist (NC 9097) at Elements Spa & Shop in Brevard, North Carolina. Patti Beggs, one of our spa owners, has developed a wonderful treatment that takes about a minute a day to perform, and will help transform your skin, no matter what your age. Our clients (and spa staff) have experienced excellent results using this technique. If you’re in Brevard, I encourage you to stop by, take a look, and talked to those of us who have seen positive results after adding the 1 Minute FaceLift to our daily skin care routines.

Out of the area? Call Elements at 828-884-2701 for more information.

Skin Care Tips from MyChelle Dermaceuticals

MyChelle is one of the skin care lines that has always impressed me, and the company offers quite a bit of skin care advice on its Web site. Like this Skin Care Tips article — it’s packed with easy-to-do regimens that will help you exfoliate your skin in order to improve hydration. Be sure to watch the video, too.