What is Energy Healing and How Does it Work?

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is the oldest form of health care but became somewhat disregarded in many parts of the world as modern medicine shifted its focus. You may hear energetic-based healing methods described using a variety of general terms, including energy work, energy healing, energy medicine and more.

The goal of energy healing is to bring balance to the body, mind, and spirit using non-invasive methods that remove what I like to think of as energetic traffic jams, producing a shift that gives the system a better opportunity to heal itself.

Reiki is one energetic method that has become familiar to an increasing number of people in recent years, but it’s a single technique among a very large number of options for those who receive and perform energy work.

How Does Energy Healing Work?

Everything is made up of energy, and that includes human beings, our pets, and all of our surroundings. When energies become unbalanced for long periods of time, health might take a downward turn.

Let’s Compare Our Body’s Energies with a Common Scenario

  • You’re driving in a city during rush hour and an accident two miles ahead brings traffic to a standstill. Nothing in front of or behind you is moving. The wreck is eventually cleared and traffic begins to flow again, slowly at first and then in a more regular pattern.

Energy workers feel that energies attempting to move through blocked areas of our bodies aren’t much different than the cars stopped on the highway. Like the cars, energies might be at a standstill, or perhaps moving slowly. Once the jams are cleared, our personal energies begin to flow throughout every system of our bodies, allowing us to make the shifts necessary for self-repair.

Energy workers can help remove the jams, but best results usually require a partnership in which you blend simple self-help efforts with your sessions. We help facilitate the shifts in energy, but it’s your own body that makes the ultimate repairs.

Will You Diagnose My Medical Problem?

No, energy workers do not diagnose unless they are also licensed MDs or other individuals who can legally make a diagnosis. Our goal is to help energy flow as it should, giving your body a better opportunity to heal itself.

I’ve Decided to Try Energy Work… Should I Stop Seeing My Doctor?

Absolutely not. Continue to see your doctor and follow the doctor’s recommendations. Energy workers do not claim to cure disease and we do not prescribe medications. Monitor your progress with your doctor, because we have seen instances where medications can be reduced, but that’s a decision between you and your licensed medical practitioner.

How Many Energy Healing Appointments Will I Need?

There’s no single answer to that question…. it depends. We never tell you that you must have ‘X’ number of appointments to feel better. Instead, we ask that you pay attention to how you feel before a session and monitor the results afterward. If you decide to pursue additional energy work, we’re here to help.

What Types of Energy Work Does Janet Provide?

Janet is a Reiki Master and sometimes blends Reiki with other types of energy work. She is an Esoteric Healing practitioner and also uses methods taught by Donna Eden and others.

Sessions are usually a combination of modalities pulled from a toolbox of techniques that suit your specific needs.

Can Energy Work Be Done from a Distance?

Yes, my favorite distance modality is Esoteric Healing. In fact, I sit across the room from you even if you opt for an in-person visit.

To make an appointment, or for more information, email Janet at janet.wickell@gmail.com.

Esoteric Healing Services

Energy work is not a substitute for medical treatment and practitioners do not diagnose conditions, offer medical advice or prescribe medications. If you have a known medical condition or suspect that a condition exists, please see a licensed M.D. or other medical professional.

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