Energy Healing Sessions in Brevard, North Carolina

Energy Healing in Brevard, NCEsoteric Healing Sessions

The goal of esoteric healing is to help balance the body’s subtle energies to enhance its self-repair abilities. $100 for the first session, $75 for following sessions. The first esoteric session usually lasts about an hour and a half. Ongoing sessions are about an hour (but could run over depending on your needs).

Learn more about the Esoteric Healing Services available locally in our gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains, or from a distance.

Relax and Rejuvenate

The perfect choice for anyone who’s ready to kick back and relax. The treatment is called the Black Pearl Sanctuary by its developers, Donna Eden and her teaching staff. The focus of this energetic treatment is stress reduction. Extra minutes are included, giving you time to enjoy the relaxation before heading home. An excellent end-of-day choice. About 1 hour and 15 minutes – $65


Reiki is a gentle type of hands-on energy work that promotes relaxation and helps reduce stress, both results that are believed to help the body make its own repairs. Janet is a Reiki Master and likes to use a blend of modalities from her energetic ‘toolbox’ to create a memorable treatment. 1 hour – $65

Some of your questions about alternative therapies might be answered in my article, What Is Energy Healing?

Schedule an energy healing session with Janet by giving her a call at 828-553-1000.

Please remember that energy work is not a substitute for medical treatment and practitioners do not diagnose conditions, offer medical advice or prescribe medications. If you have a known medical condition or suspect that a condition exists, please see a licensed M.D. or other medical professional.