Esoteric Healing Services… It’s All About Balance

Esoteric Healing ServicesEsoteric healing services are available in-person locally (Brevard, NC) or from a distance, and either type of session unfolds in much the same way. Energy follows thought, so the practitioner has no need to touch the client — all work is focused in the energy field. You can be three steps away or three thousand miles away… it makes no difference.

There’s a bit of confusion about the term ‘esoteric’ healing, but in reality, the word simply means ‘hidden, meant to be found…..’ An esoteric healing practitioner works to find ‘hidden’ areas of imbalance throughout the body, and uses energy healing techniques to help bring balance to those areas.

  • Energy workers do not diagnose or cure disease. Once in balance, your own body is more capable of healing itself.
  • We’re often asked ‘how many esoteric healing sessions will I need.’ There’s no standard answer for that question, so I always recommend that we work together and use your body’s responses as a guide.
  • Timing between sessions varies, too.
  • You may or may not feel the work during a session, but nearly all clients become very relaxed.
  • The methods used differ, but all types of energy work are based on the same goal… balance the energetics so that the body can repair itself.
  • Dogs, cats, and other animals are receptive to energy work, and are welcome clients.

Esoteric Healing Sessions, $75 (usually an hour, but the first session will be longer)

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Energy work is not a substitute for medical treatment and practitioners do not diagnose conditions, offer medical advice or prescribe medications. If you have a known medical condition, or suspect that a condition exists, please see a licensed M.D. or other medical professional.