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Custom Facial – 1 hour $70

Everyone’s needs are different, so no single type of facial is ‘best.’ My custom service includes all of the ingredients you expect to see in a facial — cleansing and exfoliation, skin analysis, a massage, and a mask, but the steps required to advance from one to the other may be very different for you and your next door neighbor. Mature skin, rosacea, acne, very dry skin — we all need a customized facial. Plan on spending a bit of extra time with me during your first appointment, so that we can discuss your skin care concerns and goals. Read What to Expect During a Blue Ridge Comforts Facial for  a bit more information.

All Facials Include an Ultrasound Device

During your appointment, I’ll introduce a small, handheld ultrasound device with one setting that works kind of like a little pressure washer — don’t panic, it’s very gentle, that’s just an easy way to describe the results. Sound waves mix with water to exfoliate your skin and painlessly remove blackheads and other blemishes. Later, we’ll use the device again (in a slightly different way) to help products penetrate your newly-fresh skin.

A high percentage of clients who have this treatment tell me that their friends and family nearly always ask ‘what did you do to your skin?’ In a good way.

When used as a gentle anti-aging option, ultrasound provides best results in a series of 5 or more, each a week or two apart, so I make it available as a shorter, stand-alone treatment for $25 each. Monitor your skin after the series and continue your regular facial regimen to see ongoing results.

Gemstone Acupressure Facial – 1 hour $75

This special skin care treatment blends three face-lifting regimens: acupressure, essential oils and gemstone massage. Essential oils are chosen especially for you and blended with an organic oil, which is massaged into your skin with careful hands and gemstone wands. The combination of techniques helps promote a youthful appearance in a non-invasive, natural way.

Reiki Facial – 1 hour, $70

A relaxing mini-facial that blends skin care with Reiki, a type of hands-on energy work. Not familiar with energy work? See What is Energy Healing? for more information.

A Few Words About Facials

No two facials are exactly alike. Sure, there are ‘standard’ treatments performed in (nearly) all facials, but the products used and approaches taken to complete the treatments vary greatly and must be customized to your personal needs.

I like to think of skin-related problems (and their solutions) as mysteries — sometimes there’s an easy answer, but in many cases we must put the pieces together as we would a jigsaw puzzle in order to plan the best way to tackle a problem. I love to help people completely relax when they come to me for a facial and it’s always gratifying when clients see immediate improvements in their skin. And while most people do notice an immediate difference, continued care offers even greater rewards.

A few basics about my approach to skin care:

  • I prefer to take a ‘natural’ approach with your skin care needs.
  • Yes, I do skin peels, but not typically on your first visit because I feel it’s important to understand how your skin reacts to products before using invasive techniques. Your first facial would more likely include an enzyme exfoliation product and the ultrasound device described above.
  • Rose quartz and other gemstone tools are not only soothing, they gently exfoliate your skin during a facial massage and offer a unique ‘lifting’ action.
  • Another tool that’s indispensable — a Clarisonic brush for cleansing your skin. It’s one of the single best devices available, for spa use and for daily use at home.

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Janet Wickell is a North Carolina licensed esthetician (E6100) and massage therapist (NC LMBT #9097). She is also a Reiki Master and advanced Esoteric Healing practitioner and offers home-care suggestions for clients to use between appointments.

Call 828-553-1000. Please leave a voice mail if necessary, and be sure to include your name and phone number.

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